YouTube Awesome

So, I stopped putting up every video I posted on my blog.  But here are a few I think are worth watching from recently.  This first one, the bloopers just made me bust a gut!  Lol.  So.  Check them out.


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3 responses to “YouTube Awesome”

  1. Marie says :

    Can’t watch atm as I am trying to put together a mixed cd (and it’s difficult to listen to/arrange songs while also watching/listening to videos) but I hope to come and watch them soon. Just wanted to check in. Glad you’ve been enjoying football, haha.

  2. Marie says :

    ryn: That is funny! Yeah I’ve been staying away because honestly it all just stresses me the fuck out. I end up feeling so obligated toward everyone I talk to, spending too much time online, whatever. I just don’t like it. There are some conversations I feel bad about cutting off, but even if I liked the people I was talking to/looked forward to meeting them, etc, I don’t want to sign back on right now except maybe to change my profile to say “this shit stresses me the fuck out.” So I haven’t.

  3. Marie says :

    Read away. I have an older, more private one, and this isn’t it. So no worries. (This one’s linked on my facebook. It’s just so people I know can vaguely know what’s going on with me without me having to talk about it. Or so I can wax poetic/obnoxious about fallen leaves and no one has to listen to it.) As for parameters.. I don’t know. Need they be specific? For now anyway, internet friends/acquaintances who chat sometimes and read each other’s stuff when we feel like it?

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