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YouTube Awesome

So, I stopped putting up every video I posted on my blog.  But here are a few I think are worth watching from recently.  This first one, the bloopers just made me bust a gut!  Lol.  So.  Check them out.



Effort…Week 2.

So, I don’t know if this will be a weekly thing.  But, this is my second week in a row.

This is what makes a GOOD NFL receiver. Miles Austin, good on you!

Porn bots…

Is this 1997?  It feels like it, every time I manage to log into AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).  Tonight, while trying to locate a friend, I signed on.  She wasn’t on, but I stayed on, in case she logged in, because she knew I was looking for her to help her with some graphic design criticism.  And, it never fails.  One of the main reasons I stopped using AIM … Effing porn bots.  They never quit.  No matter what you say.  Proof to follow.


So, for those of you who were unaware.  I am a geek and a jock.  And I LOVE American Football.  The NFL season officially started this week and I was quite Twitter crazy during the week.  On top of watching as many games as I could, I also participate in TWO Fantasy Football leagues. o_O

I’m watching the final seconds of the Oakland/Denver game, which officially marks the end of the first week.  At 1:46am.  As much as I’d like to talk about my impressions of the plays, players and games this week, I’d like to sleep more.  I just wanted to point out how ridiculous I was on Twitter.  I also wanted to warn everyone that until I can think of a better plan, I will be blogging about Football here.  So, please don’t stop coming by to read.  Just skip the football posts if you don’t like them.  Besides creating a new blog site (which is annoying and makes it harder for my friends who like everything I talk about to follow me).

As long as there are no changes in statistics, I won both fantasy leagues this week!  Woooot!

Ok.  Well, I’ll leave you guys on that note.  Here are the last week worth of Tweets about Football!

Don’t Forget to be Awesome


Effort…Week 1.


This is what makes a GOOD NFL receiver. Anthony Armstrong, good on you!