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Broken body…

As I sit here, debating whether I’m going to go to the gym today, for the 9th day in a row, I will blog!  That’s right.  I have dragged myself to the gym for the last 8 days, pushing myself to the limit.  I’ve already lost 16 lbs in the last 10 days.  Today is the first day I noticed a difference when looking in the mirror.  It makes giving myself a day off even harder.  Going from a completely lazy, lay in bed all day, kind of guy to 8 straight days of the gym, I think I should take one day off, but my goal was to take that day off on Sunday.  I’m mostly worried about my elbow tendons as they have been flaring up for 2 days now and today is supposed to be a swim day.  I can’t very well swim without using my upper body, or specifically, those tendons.  We will see.

In other news: The move schedule is tentatively set.  And it’s going to be a *#@$%.  Last time we had months to move all of this.  Now, we’ll have a series of weekends.  Even worst, a series of weekends to pack.  2½ weeks away from getting in the new house and no one has packed anything! Not even me.  And I’m supposed to be departing to Milwaukee 2 weeks after that.  For some reason, I foresee disruption in my travel plans.  And Jeff says I’m in charge of motivating Dylan and Jonah to bust their butts.  OMG!  These guys don’t like doing work to begin with, and they get nothing out of us being moved into a new house since neither of them lives with us anymore, so this is just going to be all effed.

Hopefully I’ll get stuff packed this weekend.  It’ll be just Felix and I in the house the entire weekend, so I should be able to move about freely.  I hate these weekends where I have full control of the dog though.  Dogs are SO needy.  Especially when you can’t just let them out in the yard.  Going for several walks a day, feeding him, etc.  It becomes a handful.  You have to schedule life around them.  Worse than a child, because you can’t just pick the dog up and take him with you! (especially when you have leather interior and a “no pets” policy in your car)

Oh, and have I talked about bugs?  My hatred and fear of them?  The fact that since we basically live in the woods, they are EVERYWHERE?  You should be able to see the spider pictures I took on my flickr page.  Disgusting things.  Since we have moved here, I have found at least 20 different species of bug in my room.  It will only be worse when we start pulling boxes from the addict, I’m sure.  They give me the heeby jeebies man.

That’s all that’s going on with me right now.  I’m trying to forget about school or financial inadequacy for the next month.  I just want to enjoy some summer with as little stress as I can get away with.  I’ve got enough credits for an Associates degree now, but because of my defunct school, I think they’re wanting me to take another 18-21 credits before they’ll hand me that piece of paper.  It’s stressful.  I’d go talk to a counselor, but they’re only in for a few hours on Thursdays.  And the last two Thursdays, I was busy during that time (or didn’t realize it was already Thursday).  I envy my friends who went straight to a university out of high school and didn’t have to go through the hurdles I’ve put myself through by postponing college and then attending multiple schools.  I feel as though this battle will never end.  At least I don’t have to change schools with this move.  But when I finally get to go to a university for my bachelors, my commute is going to SUCK.

Lastly, if you aren’t caught up on my YouTube vids, I’ll post them below.  I’ve slowed down on making videos with everything that has been going on, so it should be easy to catch up at this point.  I don’t plan on posting a whole lot either over the next couple months.  Hopefully I’ll get good footage when in Milwaukee next month, but that’s even doubtful at this point.  We’ll see!  Take care guys, and as always, thanks for reading!





Are you caught up on my YouTube Channel??

Not a whole lot to say. I made up my mind in May that starting June 1st, I would vlog every day for 1 year. Well, vlog, make videos, what-ever. Just make new content every day to throw on the tube. I haven’t decided if that’s my final answer, but for now, I’ve succeeded. (Update: June 5, 2011 – I failed. No video on June 4th.) So, if you aren’t caught up, here are my last 4 videos. Dylan adds some needed relief to the only Donny, all the time theme that was going on. Thanks for supporting what I’m doing with my life at this moment and feel free to let me know what you think of my videos. Take care, all!