There’s a portal in my closet!

Well, I know I’ve been busy and haven’t been keeping up with the vlogging as much in May as I was in April. Which was obviously going to happen since I had to vlog EVERY day in April. But, I’m still alive, and I still hope to keep entertaining the few who watch regularly.

So, today while I was trying to update everyone with what has been going on with me and why I haven’t been posting that many videos, something absolutely peculiar happened. I think at this point, it’s pretty obvious, but you should check out the video, because, it was just INSANE.

Besides that, not a whole lot going on. I’ve enjoyed my week off of school. Summer classes start on Tuesday, if, uh, I go. The financial aid department is being as incompetent as I think any school department can be and well, I’ve been dropped from my classes, twice. Oh and I can’t talk to anyone until Thursday, which is after the 2nd class meeting of class that only meets 16 times. It’s just assed up. So, we’ll see. If I don’t do summer classes, I should figure out an income source to pay for some of the recent purchases I’ve made. The bills don’t pay themselves and money is running out! When I’m not worrying about school, I’ve been trying to catch up on some TV watching and movie watching. I’ve been slightly successful in these areas, but there is SO much to catch up on. SO, I’ll end on that note. Time to throw another movie on. Enjoy the rest of our weekend, friends!

Oh, and in case you missed my last vlog, here it be:

enjoying life

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