“Stop Donny!”

SO, the latest complaint is that I am too active in the social networking world to keep up with. I find this hard to believe as, I’m pretty busy myself, yet I still find time to keep up with all my friends, about a dozen YouTube/Twitter people whom I don’t know, AND I’m the one that has to type these things, take the photos for photography, film the film for my vlogs and edit them. So, if I can keep up with all of that, why can’t anyone keep up with my 1-2 posts per day that take a maximum of 10 minutes to watch/read, when I’m spending 3-5 hours on these things? Answer:

Lack of effort

“But Donny, that’s harsh. People are busy. They can’t cater to you.” True. People are busy. And I don’t ask for a daily following, but every couple days you could catch up. Even Dylan is staying caught up to the best of his ability and he’s the busiest person I know. But, he cares about me and what I’m trying to do, so he puts in effort. That’s all I ask for. If you miss a post here or there, that’s ok. If it’s important enough, I’ll specifically name it out. Which brings me to this:

Currently, over 27 hours later, I have 8 views, 2 or 3 of which were my own. I think Chad watched, I know Danny watched and I know my cousin Steve watched. What about everyone else?

Ok. That was some serious ranting. But, my dream dies as I cannot even get support from my friends. Without criticism, good or bad, I cannot get better.

So, on to my life. School is OVER! Well, the spring semester at least. Today is my first day of the summer. I’m a free man! Until, May 17th, then I’m in summer school. Bummer.

Other news, Jeff put an offer in on a new house today. So, if it’s accepted, I’ll probably be moving soon. That will make for a busy summer. This means I need to start working out so I can have the strength and energy to complete this move. This also means that a lot of packing and such will have to happen while I’m taking classes! Going to be a stressful next couple months, but I end up with a room about twice the size of the one I have now, so it’ll work out. It also means I won’t be getting an apartment. I think we worked out the problems, so, we’ll see. Anyways. It’s a nice day out and I’m a free man, so I’m going to go enjoy the weather.

Today I made my first attempt at making a short. I know it needs work. I still haven’t learned how to use my new camera very well, but with time, I’ll improve. So, check it out and let me know what you think!

Also, I really need opinions on the sound options in this video. So, get in contact with me somewhere and let me know what YOU think:

And lastly, this video was just for the hell of it, to have fun, play with the new camera and one of my specialty lenses.

Thanks again for the support! Keep watching, more to come!

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2 responses to ““Stop Donny!””

  1. Aidee says :

    I say external, it’s crisper…

  2. Beth says :

    definately external – I didn’t feel like I needed to crank the volume to hear you.

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