So, last night, in the midst of United States History, possibly the most positive thing that will go down in the history books in the lifetime I’ve lived thus far, I was met with hate. A simple status that I posted on my Facebook account read as such:

I voted for him, I stand by him. “bin Laden was not a Muslim leader. He was a mass murderer of Muslims.” –President Barack Obama

This turned into an Obama flame fest, with attacks on our nation’s leader. With the success of an incredible feat, something our nation begged for nearly 10 years ago, this news and triumph was overshadowed by the hatred for the leader of our free country. It truly sickened me. Have we become so broken that we cannot enjoy a victory when it comes our way? Must we immediately go to a dark place, forgetting what good has been done to express our anger for things we disagree with? I disliked President Bush, I even voted against him, voting for a man unfit for presidency, Kerry, just to say I didn’t vote for Bush. But after his re-election, he was MY President. The constitution I believe in, which governs our nation, gives fair chance. The people chose a man I didn’t like, but I was not going to try to burn down the man in charge of my country, a man with more responsibility than anyone who hasn’t been president can imagine. And yet, these people do it for my chosen president. And they speak about it like he should be in-human. Like he should be working every hour, of every day. Like he should be personally fixing things he has little control over. “End the war!” Well, it’s never that simple. You can’t just pull out. Does pulling out work as an effect means of birth control? NO! Why would it be an effective means of wartime strategy?! “Fix the economy!” Haha, yeah, you’re kidding right? What aspect of the economy? It’s so effed, we’re lucky to still be afloat as is. I could go on and on about the complaints. Some of the people’s hate had NO argument behind it at all. Just, “You’re wrong because you’re a liberal.” Well, my response is “You’re wrong for condemning human beings to liberal or conservative standards.” I am a person, with free will, with choices from both sides. A large part of the problem in our country is that we have defined two sides, with two points of view, without being able to compromise. Life is not as simple as black and white, but politicians want to make it that way. Enough of that topic. Last night, was a great moment in history. No, it didn’t end the war. NO, it won’t end terrorism. But as a symbol of what we stand for as Americans, JUSTICE, it is an incredible moral boost. Unfortunately, too many people are too small minded to see what matters.

I’m done with my rant. I ranted a little in my YouTube video for today, but not too much. I was going to put certain people on blast, but I decided that was petty plus I was a little too excited about my new camera to actively be angry towards anyone. To those who disagree with me, that’s fine, and there is a time and place to debate that if you can back up your side with more than “You’re wrong, because, uh, I’m right.” We are human, we all approach everything differently, and a difference of opinion DOES NOT mean we need to be enemies. I am understanding, as much as I can be, of everyone’s view points. If I can rationalize what lunatics like Adolf Hitler did, I can accept my friends being a republican. Also, for the record, sure, I voted Obama, but many of my stances are said to be republican views. I am neither republican, nor democrat. I am Donny House.

Here’s today’s Vlog:

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