Vlog: VEDA Day 11 – A New Camera

So, here’s today’s video blog.

Also, I made an 11 second clip to send to my cousin who is away at college. I combined something he finds funny, “All your bases are belong to us” and the following story. The story is that my cousin Dylan’s gameinformer magazine comes to the house instead of his dorm which is 150 miles away, so every time it comes, I hold it ransom til I get something out of him, like money he owes me, or just hangout time. And since I’m getting into the video editing and need practice with stuff, I thought it’d be a funny clip to send him for this months magazine.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for the support. It’s eternally appreciated!

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2 responses to “Vlog: VEDA Day 11 – A New Camera”

  1. disneyroyalty says :

    soooo Love your bike, btw.

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