Flabergasted f*@&!

When will I learn?! When will I stop?!  Fuck it.  Tonight is the night.  I’m blocking her right ………….. ………….. now.  I just went from my head being on fire, to my heart exploding.  Awesome.  What a choice.  Whatever.  Why do I allow myself to get twisted in sorts to keep her in my life when there’s no possibility of any kind of future with her?  I don’t even want a future with her.  She’s a shitty person who pushes the right buttons just to keep me in range.  But I’m done with that shit.  I’ve never let anyone walk over me like that, and I’m stopping it tonight.  I know I just repeated the same statement, in different words, a bunch, but I needed to .  I need to convince myself that it’s the right thing to do.  The brain is so powerless over the body and the psyche sometimes.  But it needs to be done.  If I’m ever going to have a shot with anyone else, this chapter of my life needs to be sealed, burned and buried.  Tonight is it’s burial.  I’ve already sealed and burned it, I was just holding onto the ashes.  A sigh of relief just left my lungs.  If you have me on tumblr, you’ll have access to the ridiculous antics of the past couple days.  Time to go lift some weights or watch a movie, whichever is the better option for me right now.  Happy Wednesday, all!

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