F*** me, NO, F*** YOU!

Ok. So, just a quick 45 second rant.

Tonight at work, while doing my nightly rounds to lock up buildings on campus, dispatch made a call to one of the Police Officers to do an unlock to escort a student into one of the computer labs to look for his keys.  I was in the building, right down the hall when that call went through, so I offered to take it.  Dispatch came back saying that the acting supervisor for the night declined to allow me to do it and the police officer would take it.  The police officer thanked me for the offer.  The acting supervisor then came on the radio to ask this officer if he was still handling it as he took the thanks as though I was doing it.  The officer said yes, he was just thanking me for offering, to which the supervisor replied “Ok.  That unlock is in a computer lab so I want you to take care of it to make sure that the room is resecured.”  I nearly fell over hearing that.  How fucking dare he.  I’ve worked here for over 3 years and have handled at least 100 unlocks involving computer labs.  Granted, this dude is not typically  a supervisor, it still pissed me off thoroughly.  I couldn’t believe my ears…

(yes, I’m aware that I take things too personally when it comes to my ego, or judging my character)

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