…nothing better to do. Who are you?!

Well, it’s nearing 2am Sunday night and since I don’t have to go to sleep for another 6-8 hours, I guess I will do homework.  “Oh, you must be behind.”  Nope, actually I’m ahead.  But, I have nothing better to do, so why not keep moving ahead?  Of course, I will start that as soon as I finish blogging.

So, what’s new?

I can’t say.  This weekend has been a failure for me.  As with every time I’ve attempted this in the past, I see myself quitting.  I’ve gotten into relatively good shape.  But now I realize it’s done me little good and so all weekend I gorged.  I ate too much, ate the wrong stuff and had entirely too much soda.  Every time I become happy with what shape I’m in, the fact that I still can’t get a girlfriend (because yes, I live in an incredibly shallow bubble) strips away ALL of my motivation and I go into depressed fat kid mode.  Of course, I will try hard tomorrow to get back into my routine (not tonight because too much soda and grease has left me feeling like shit) but who knows if I’ll be able to get back into the rhythm.  One weekend is enough to screw up months of work.  It’s terrible.

Also, of terrible thought, fantasy football.  My opponent obliterated me!  Of course, he would have beat the other 14 teams in the league as well, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.

Why won’t anyone listen to me about my weight problems???  “You aren’t working hard enough. You aren’t eating right. Etc, etc.”  I’ve done it all.  Strict healthy diets, lots of exercise and I always hit the same plateau, no matter how many different things I try.  I’m pre-destined to be husky, by genetics.  No one wants to listen to this of course.  I’m not making excuses, but it frustrates me.  Just because some people are getting skinny in their adulthood, doesn’t mean we all can.  Most of them were skinny all along and then got heavy.  I’ve always been heavier.  I was 135lbs in the 5th grade!  I have friends who are adults, at my current height, who weigh that much.

Well, I didn’t mean to rant, but damn.

Alright.  Well.  That ruined my almost good mood, so I’ll end it here.  Time to get to some homework!

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One response to “…nothing better to do. Who are you?!”

  1. Amanda says :

    Dear Donny:
    In general, most human bodies have a “preferred weight” at which they linger, even with diet and exercise. I’d say that you’ve grown into yours. So RELAX, dude. Get fit so that you can swim without being out of breath, but stop obsessing over your weight, because you getting fit may never change your weight. You looked really good in that new profile picture you posted. Be happy with yourself for once, jerkface. That number on the scale isn’t going to take you back to more carefree days. You can work on your abs without fasting. D<

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