Which is it?

Sometimes I swear I have A.D.D., other times I think I’m a bit OCD.


I’ve been racking my brain ALL night.   Can I keep my blog in disarray and just put up posts about ANYTHING whenever I want, or do I need to create seperate blogs for seperate topics?  Like, a friend of mine has a blog where she types and then an awesome blog where she only uploads pictures of cars, of a specific type.  Do I need two places to do this?  Or can I just keep going on the same place?  I sometimes think I should seperate them because I know my depressing posts have scared many of my friends away from following, but the added upkeep of yet ANOTHER thing (other than facebook, twitter, tumblr, wordpress, etc) is just unbareable.  Any suggestions for me?

Maybe I could make a promise to not do anymore depressing stuff on THIS blog and put the depressing stuff somewhere else where no one has to read it.

Now that I got that off my mind.  Here’s the current scoop.  The last 36 hours have been, ok.  Cat finally responded to my most recent e-mails and at least told me she didn’t hate me.  Then she went back to not responding to me.  I always seem to do about 1,000x better when I know she isn’t actively hating me.  I need to just put her out of my mind completely, but I can’t, yet.  I’m working on it though.  But, since then I’ve been doing alright.  I’ve got a message from her in my facebook inbox so whenever I stumble upon her picture, it stabs deep and depresses me a little, but then I keep on chugging.
I took the night off from homework to finish some other stuff.  Watch movies, update my movie list, the usual.  I’ve done about 20 hours of accounting homework in the last week so I thought I deserved a night off.  Tomorrow and Saturday will be full of more accounting.  It’s so awesome to be spending this much time on a major I don’t care about.

I’m going to try to keep looking forward and up from here.  I know I’ve said it before, but the depression is wearing on me and my friends now.  And I’m tired of bringing other people down.  School is going alright, money is a little tight but it’s manageable, I’m relatively healthy, I’m moving to a new area, so I think I’ve got enough to be happy about right now.

I’d like to keep typing, but I have to eat my Ramen, unlock some buildings and then get ready to leave work.

Until next time.  Stay tuned.  The new Donny is soon to be found.

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3 responses to “Which is it?”


    As a CPA (and an attorney) u have my sympathies, having completed 20 hours of Accounting homework. 😉

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