Bye, bye birdy…

Like a freight train smashing through a measly little car, I came to a revelation today.  Life is good.

Sure, no one’s life is ever perfect.  There are things that I’d like to change, improve, etc.  But, come on, Donny.  I’ve got a car, that I successfully financed on my own, a motorcycle to which I can say the same, my bills get paid on time every month.  What’s the problem?  Yeah, it’d be nice to have a girl to share my life with, but it’ll happen or it won’t.  I can’t force that.  And I know this.  I’ve come to that revelation before.  I guess I just need to slow way the eff down and smell the roses sometimes.  For someone born without a sense of smell, that’s sorta hard, but I’ll figure out an adequate alternative.  My life has been much harder than it is right now.  I strived on my whole life because of the hardships I had to overcome.  I guess that I’m looking to make problems that don’t exist because I never knew life to be uncomplicated.  Analyzing one’s self can be tough, but I’ll continue to try.  I’ll continue to write, and read what I’ve thought in passed days to keep on an upward path.  It’s easy to forget what matters in life.  But, I’m starting to remember.  I need to be the person I once was.  The guy who wasn’t effected by the crap thrown his way.  I need to not internalize and crack like I did last time, but find an outlet.  Whether that is having fun with good people or just typing how I feel on a regular basis.  I haven’t figured that much out yet, but I will.  I promise that to my loyal readers.

I’ve also realized that some of my friends are in much need of a more positive person in their life.  A lot of people are going through hard times and cracking from external pressures.  I’d like to be able to help them and not just compare who’s life sucks more.  No one needs that negativity.  So, I can’t promise that I won’t be negative, because let’s face it: I’m Donny, and I can be quite emo at times.  But, I will make a conscious effort at being more upbeat.

Kayleigh’s positivity of the day:
I was accepted into the fantasy football league that my uncle plays in.  These are the big leagues.  Paid fantasy league!  I’ve done at least a dozen free leagues in passed years, but now I will pay.  Which means, I’ll be more competitive, but hey, maybe I’ll win some money?  And maybe I’ll kick my uncle’s butt?  Haha.  Or maybe I’ll tank, and he’ll give me endless crap all season long.  Any way you cut it, I’m excited that a spot opened up for me to get into.

I know I said I was only going to do that once a week, but since the week is almost over, I figure that I’ll just add that to the end of the next couple blogs. Next week I will start dedicating one blog per week to the days prior.

Michelle’s positivity of the day:
For the record, you owe me some positivity if I’m to keep up a second positive mention for every day.  For today, it is simple.  It’s 2am, and I feel like I just got to work!  A fast night is rare, but appreciated.  And to add on to that, tonight marks the end of my first week back on full time.  I haven’t worked 5 days in a row since December and I thought it would kill me, but it didn’t.  The other night was a bit rocky, but overall, I have this covered for now.  So, here’s to making extra money.  To add even further to this, my boss informed me a couple nights ago that after 3 years of loyal service, I am FINALLY, FINALLY getting a raise.  It’s only $0.50, but it’ll pay for the gas I use to get here, so I will take it.  Better late than never, hey?

Well.  With all of that said. I think I’m going to go take a walk around campus and enjoy the fresh air.  Then, maybe a movie.  We’ll see.  Until next time…

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One response to “Bye, bye birdy…”

  1. disneyroyalty says :

    I almost didn’t recognize your blog with all the positivity on it XD
    Could we keep it on the dl that I have a blog though? There are certain people I don’t need finding it just yet :]

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