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Alright. Since I’m tired of explaining the same story 37 times, and I don’t want to keep adding to that number, I’m going to end at 38 by blogging about the recent events in my life of which I have been bitching about. And don’t take any of this the wrong way, I’m still a chipper fella and am not falling back into the throes of depression.

Ok. So, the first order of business. As everyone knows, the economy sucks, and the house market crashed. Well, Jeff paid a lot of money for the house we live in, and “lost” a lot when that market crashed. The house is worth substantially less than what he paid for it. He recently found out that if he moves fast (by September 30th), that the army will give him a lot of money for his house. So, essentially he ends up getting like $200,000 for free. At first the talks were about him getting stationed in Germany to make this move possible. Going to Germany would mean that he could only take his dependants with him. Of course, I flew into a panic, and started considering my possibilities before the conversation even ended. Firstly, I considered living out of my car for a semester, and pushing full force towards my associates degree. Then I considered how stressed I would be until figuring all of this stuff out, I decided that wouldn’t work. So, I dropped my summer school classs to make sure that I didn’t get too overwhelmed and end up failing it for a second time, which would leave me stuck with an “F” in Accounting, which would make getting a degree in Accounting quite difficult. So this all still left so much in the air. My grandma would stay in this area since she has a good job going for her, and a new granddaughter. So, could I push down my pride enough to move in with her instead of living in my car? So, finally, after a whole day of switching my life around slightly and freaking out, Jeff and I had a talk about this. Now, he’s checking out a job and houses in Norfolk, Virginia. This is 3 hours south of where I live now. So, I don’t know what that means other than a move is definitely happening, and if it’s to Norfolk, I will most likely be going with. I just need to see if I can get my college credits to transfer smoothly down there. If not, I may need to find a way to stay up here for a year to finish my associates, and then transfer down there with the public university agreement my school has. So there you have it, that’s what all the school dropping out and crap was about. I am still enrolled in fall classes for now, so no worries.

The drama back in Wisconsin is the same ol’ same ol’. My mother is a drunk, and I finally reached the end of my rope with her. For months, she calls me multiple times per week, and every time she is drunk off her ass. She knows how much this bothers me. So, if she ever finds an AA meeting, and the meaning of “sober”, we can talk. Otherwise, I can’t have her around for now. I need to worry on who I need to become, and I can’t keep stressing over the people in my life I can’t fix. My sister Mandy gets her ass kicked regularly by her “baby daddy” who is currently in jail for beating her, but he’ll be out eventually, and she’ll be waiting with open arms for him to return. She’s going to end up dead, or seriously hurt and I can’t have that stupidity in my life anymore. Not to mention that fact that she’s pregnant, and who knows what my soon to be nephew will endure at the hands of that asshole or what kind of scum bag he’ll turn into without positive role models in his life. Then there’s Becky. I don’t even know what to say about her anymore. She’s an unfit mother, and a selfish little punk. Instead of growing up and taking care of what she needs to, she keeps throwing away the little money she has on stupid things. But, she can’t be told.

So, as far as the things I’ve been bitching about, there those go. I’ll keep everyone posted on my living situation AS I figure it out.

So, I’m actually quite tired and feel like paying more attention to this movie I just started, so I’m done for now. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll talk about the mass amount of movies I’ve watched in the last few days. The list includes:

No, this has not been my first time for all of these, but it has been for some of these. There might have been more movies, but those are the only ones I can remember right now. I’ll work on them tomorrow though! G’night all.

Oh, and before I forget to mention this.  I hung out with my friend Michelle for the first time tonight.  And while we talked, I witnessed her wipe down the engine in her car with a cloth for about 4 minutes.  I told her she was being ridiculous and that I would have to update my blog about it, so here that tid-bit is.

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  1. Michelle says :

    Internet fame! I has it!

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