Movies to watch…

Ok. So, I spent ALL night consolidating my “Must See Movies List”.  I ended up with a total of 887 movies, 227 of which I have seen.  (I also was so tired, I closed the effing list without saving the excel file, but thankfully ended up with a pdf file.  Which sucks, because I won’t be able to do some more stuff I wanted to do to it, but whacha gonna do?)  Anyways, here’s the list … Hopefully.

Meh. I’m too tired to embed hack this site right now.  So, click on the link for “Movies to Watch” and it’ll open up the pdf.  The yellow highlighted movies are ones I’ve seen, the red highlighted ones are ones that fell on multiple lists but I have not seen, and the non-highlighted ones I have not seen but only appeared on one list.  That is all.

Movies to Watch

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2 responses to “Movies to watch…”

  1. Anna says :

    So if you have so many to watch why are you including the ones you’ve already seen?

    • dhouse1985 says :

      The list is not made up by me. It’s a collection and combination of several lists. Instead of deleting the movies I’ve seen on the list, I’ve decided to keep the list intact and just highlight the ones I have seen.

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