That’s the age my father turns today, provided that he’s still alive.  I haven’t heard from him in over a year, so who knows.  I shouldn’t even care, but, I do.  I’d like to wish him a happy birthday, since I’m sure no one else will be, but he chose to disappear again.

So, in other news.  Let’s see.  I scheduled my fall classes yesterday.  I’m REALLY not looking forward to the fall.  I have class Monday & Wednesday Noon-1:15pm, and class Monday thru Thursday 6pm-9:30pm.  Going to school two times on Monday and Wednesday is going to get annoying, but I’m also not going to sit around on campus for 5 hours with nothing to do.  I also opted to not finish my associates in December, even though I could.  I would only have to take one more 4 credit lab class, but I feel that I’d be overloading myself to take 17 credits.  And, I don’t want my GPA to fall because I took on too much.  So, I’m not letting my pride get in the way, and I’m going to wait until next spring to finish that degree.  Next Spring, I’ll possibly be kicking myself, but it won’t be my first regret, if it is one. Haha.

Obviously, if you follow this, I also got a motorcycle.  The reality of the situation sank in today, and I’m a little more freaked out about getting it, but it’s too late now!  Hopefully I’ll get to use it today.  Yesterday rained alllllllll day, so I didn’t take it out.  I started it up for about 20 seconds to show it to Jason, but that was it.

I’m dreading the weekend.  If I don’t buckle down and spend my whole weekend doing my English homework, it’s likely I will fail the class.  I don’t know what it is, but my motivation to do the work in this class is extremely low, even for me.

Well, I have nothing exciting to say.  And I won’t punish you for that.  So, I’m going to end it here.

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