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Movies to watch…

Ok. So, I spent ALL night consolidating my “Must See Movies List”.  I ended up with a total of 887 movies, 227 of which I have seen.  (I also was so tired, I closed the effing list without saving the excel file, but thankfully ended up with a pdf file.  Which sucks, because I won’t be able to do some more stuff I wanted to do to it, but whacha gonna do?)  Anyways, here’s the list … Hopefully.

Meh. I’m too tired to embed hack this site right now.  So, click on the link for “Movies to Watch” and it’ll open up the pdf.  The yellow highlighted movies are ones I’ve seen, the red highlighted ones are ones that fell on multiple lists but I have not seen, and the non-highlighted ones I have not seen but only appeared on one list.  That is all.

Movies to Watch

Another first day…

Oh man. Today was the start of my new summer school class. Principles of Accounting I, a 6 week course. It appears I’m going to have a hellacious next 6 weeks. Very fast paced, lots of stuff crammed in. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but I seem to be having a problem retaining knowledge these days. Ask me about the several movies I’ve watched in the last few days, and I can tell you whatever you want to know. Ask me about what we went over in class over the last 2 hours, and little chance I’ll be able to actually answer your question. And now that we’re about to take a 15 minute break, this means that I have nearly 2 hours left to go. The next complaint: In class exams. I haven’t actually had to retain knowledge for an in-class exam since my first semester here. And, lastly, a comprehensive final. Now, granted, it should be easier to look back on what has been learned over the last 6 weeks as compared to the last 16 weeks, but still. Not something I’m prepared for, or looking forward to. Unfortunately, I bombed my English class, and only got a “C”, so getting an “A” or a “B” in this class would help my GPA, besides the fact that it will be replacing the current “F” I have caused by me NOT showing up to class last semester. Oh the woes of college. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I’m doing all of this. I hope 5 years from now that this whole thing will have been worth it. I hope it doesn’t become one of those things I’m kicking myself in the ass for. I mean, I’m already less than thrilled about the student loan payments I’ll get to pay once I’m done, but hopefully, I’ll be able to get a job with this degree which will make those less painful. Only time will tell!

So, backtracking a little, since I haven’t blogged in days, again. Yesterday, or the last two days I suppose, were lazy days. Besides doing laundry. I watched A LOT of movies. I don’t think I could even name them all, now that I’m thinking about it. Blade Runner, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Book of Eli, RocknRolla, Revolver, Sherlock Holmes, A Perfect Getaway and The Fly (1958) with Vincent Price. What is there to say about these films?

  • Blade Runner – This was probably the biggest disappointment I can think of. As a geek, I was told and expected to love this movie. Thankfully, Dylan was watching it for the first time with me and I think his hate for this movie was equal to mine, if not more. So, that made me feel much better about not liking it. I may, at a later date, give it another try when I don’t have Dylan there to complain to, but I just don’t see myself liking this movie.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo – I watched this 2 times over those two days. Once by myself, and once with Dylan. And these were not my first times. This movie is one of my favorite movies, but I always forget that it is. I’ve always enjoyed this movie, and probably always will. More excitedly, Dylan loved this movie. I thought he would, but he didn’t let the terrible event of watching Blade Runner ruin his opinion of it.
  • The Book of Eli – Admittedly, I didn’t watch this movie with 100% attention. I was in the middle of talking to someone I’m hoping to have something of a future with, plus I wanted to watch this movie with Dylan, so I thought that by not paying attention completely, I would want to watch it again once he was ready. What I did pay attention to, however, was really good. Not that I ever questioned it. Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman are both terrific actors. I mean, the post apocalyptic thing is getting a little bit old, but I think they did a great job.
  • RocknRolla – This is a Guy Ritchie film. I have re-realized that Guy Ritchie is a genius, and I love his movies. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, RocknRolla, Revolver and Sherlock Holmes, all movies he directed that I thoroughly enjoyed. RocknRolla used a new crew of people compared to his older movies, but it still rolled on nicely. Of course, you have to put behind you the fact that the movie is full of Brits, and doesn’t exactly flow like most American films, and bounces around between a lot of shit going on, but that’s part of why I love his movies. You’re usually following around multiple groups of people who all end up tied together in the end. And he works through it beautifully.
  • Revolver – Same deal. This wasn’t my favorite one of Guy Ritchie’s movies, but I still enjoyed it. Nothing more need be said about that.
  • Sherlock Holmes – Well, unfortunately, I think I spent too much time talking to my new friend and to Danny to have retained everything that was going on. I believe I will be watching this movie again, to take in all the things I missed, but I enjoyed what I did retain. It was a lot less “Sherlock Holmesy” [credit to Aimée for that term] than I expected, but it was still a damn good movie. Robert Downey Jr. has been redeeming himself in this past decade.
  • A Perfect Getaway – What can I say about this film? One thing I can say, is that when you’re not paying complete attention to a movie, the obvious plot twist becomes a surprise, so that made this movie semi-exciting for me. Once the plot twist arrived, I saw how easy it should have been to see, but I didn’t. But I was not paying much attention before then. However, I think they did a good job explaining that twist once they revealed it. I wouldn’t recommend everyone go out in search of this movie, but if you’re bored, have nothing better to do, and want to watch a thriller, I would give it a try.
  • The Fly (1958) – Well, who doesn’t love Vincent Price? Other than most of this generation who wouldn’t give an old movie a chance to save their life. But, besides those fools!? Now, I will have to admit, I enjoyed the 1986 remake more than this original, but the original was still good. And the mask/costume/make-up that they used to turn the guy’s head into a Fly was AWESOME! It really makes me wish that this new age of CGI wasn’t happening. Costumes are just so much cooler than CGI, in my opinion. This original Fly differed from the remake in that this original, the scientist has a wife and child while he is going about his experiment. And instead of him and the fly bonding, he and the fly have parts that are switched (the head and arm). This was especially awesome in how they did the last 5 minutes of the film, but I will not give that away. You should go watch it! This movie has fueled my want to watch some older classics. So, my netflix queue is now full of them.

Talking to this awesome girl that I have been, Aimée, has enforced my want to continue my quest of watching the many movies I have on my lists. She’s also begun to add movies to my lists. It only becomes hard when Dylan asks me not to watch something he wants to also watch (Raging Bull last night), when I know the likelihood of getting him down to my room to watch a movie! I miss having Danny around to watch movies with. He was always down to watch a movie with me, whether he was interested or not. I have to strong arm Dylan down to my room, and then tie him to a chair in order to successfully watch a movie, most days. It’s been easier with Manda around. Maybe he just likes her more than me. : P

Well, I think that’s the only “excitement” I can blog about. My life has been relatively dead as of lately. I haven’t even been out on my motorcycle in days! This makes me sad. Maybe I’ll go for a night ride after I get out of this class at 10pm, but probably not. I didn’t get a chance to eat before class, so I’m starving. I just want to go home, eat and be lazy. Haha. I’m only 2.5 hours into this 4 hour class and ready to die. This is going to be a LOOOONGG six weeks. Oh, and this will be posted with a delay, since, there is NO WIFI in this classroom! Yes, life truly is rough. I know.

(also, I have no idea why the font decided to get smaller, I don’t even know how to manipulate font on this damn blog, so I couldn’t fix it!)

Lastly, I leave you with this. A song that came on while I was on my way home from school, and speaks mostly true to me.

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Ah, ba ba ba ba blogging now…

Alright, alright, alright.  I admit.  I’ve been a bit distracted, and absent from my blog.  Which, doesn’t matter much because I’m pretty sure I’ve lost most of my loyal readers.  BUT, that doesn’t REALLY matter.

So, it has been 2 whole weeks since I really blogged last.  What has happened?

Not a whole hell of a lot.

My spirits continue to soar.  A new me was born, and he continues to live on, even on those stressful days when homework doesn’t get completed.

The motorcycle I purchased a few weeks ago is still running like a champ.  I take it out every day it doesn’t rain, and even some of the days it does … If I can get a ride in between rainfall.  I haven’t put gas in my car in WEEKS and it feels great!  My tan is also improving, though, it is coming in 3 different progressions.  Without a shirt on, I look like a damn paint-by-numbers.  But, that’s ok.  I’m lovin’ every minute of it.

As far as school goes.  It sucks.  I’m praying for a “C” in my English class as I just lost all form of motivation towards school for the last 6 weeks.  And I opted out of doing a research paper which was worth 15% of my grade.  We’ll see where it goes.  I’m terrified to start my Accounting class next week.  I know IT will not be as forgiven if I slack off.  So, a long 6 weeks is right around the corner.  It will be nice to have some place to go that isn’t work or a joyride though.  Don’t get me started on their stupid, fucked up parking situation though.

Jo and Manda have been here for several days now.  It’s good to see them.  I wish I were in a better financial situation at the moment, so that I could try to entertain them, but I am not.  So, we have just sat around bullshitting briefly.  They helped me eat chocolate chip cookies that I baked the other night.  Yes folks, I, Donny House, did in fact, bake cookies.  And the house didn’t burn down.  And they were fucking nummy.  Tomorrow I hope to cook a ham.  We’ll see if A) I wake up in time to do so B) Jonah remembers us talking yesterday, and takes care of making a couple side dishes so that it can be a meal.  I don’t need sides, but I probably eat less than everyone in that house, with the exception of Rachel.

What else to say?

I’m bald!  I went to cut my hair tonight before work, to it’s usual length, using a #3 guard.  However, when I went to even out my sideburns, I took off WAY more than would have been acceptable, so I was forced to recut my hair.  It’s all gone now.  I don’t mind too much.  It’s been over a year since I’ve gone this short, so I can deal with it.  Dylan will give me endless amounts of shit for it, but that’s ok.


Danny & Jessica intend on getting married in Jamaica.  They hope for me to come up with like $3,000 to attend …  I’m not saying it won’t happen, but it feels very unlikely at this point in my life.  But, we will see.  Danny and I talked it over, and it at least sounds like he won’t hate me if I can’t make it.  That remains to be seen, however.

Well, 2 weeks have passed, and like usual, my life was uneventful.  I loathed the hot weather, played some video games, did some homework, hung out with people I love, started talking to a girl I’m rather digging (but won’t talk about this early on) and just enjoyed being ME!  Maybe life will pick up soon and I can continue to entertain, or maybe it won’t.  Haha.  Only time can tell!